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The Landscape Institute has 12 branches across the UK providing membership services, events and support to members in their area. This site illustrates the nature and variety of work Landscape Architects undertake in the region as well as informing members of branch events and news.

Please keep visiting to see the changes and keep yourself up to date with the latest social or CPD events.

The South West Branch of the Landscape Institute covers a large area; stretching over 200 miles from Dorset to Land’s End. We cover the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire and the Channel Islands.

The constitution of the Landscape Institute requires all its members to further the aims and objectives of the Institute. The 12 local branches in the UK provide a key mechanism for members to organise and co-ordinate their efforts in doing this; raising awareness of the professional services available and providing a good source of specific training and CPD for members, as well as social events and visits to interesting sites.

Landscape Institute members living in the South West of England automatically become members of the South West branch, unless they request otherwise.

What does the South West Branch do?
Landscape Institute members in the South West region elect a Branch Committee to represent their interests. The committee is made up of working Landscape Architects, who volunteer their time in order to further the aims and objectives of the profession.

The Branch Committee:

  • arranges events as part of Continuing Professional Development (often jointly with other related professions)
  • promotes communication
  • draws attention to the services offered by Landscape Architects
  • encourages the education of those entering the profession
  • is represented on the full Council of the Landscape Institute, to help maintain co-ordination nationally and regionally

Communication within the branch is via email. To receive updates on branch events, please register your email address with the Landscape Institute. The Branch email list is automatically updated with this information.

How is the Branch funded?
Members of the Landscape Institute (LI) pay an annual subscription directly to the LI. The majority of these funds are expended centrally as directed by the LI Council, and are invested in activities that will help the whole profession flourish. A small proportion (typically around 3% – 5%) of the subscriptions funds is distributed to the local branches, to be used for events and activities within the local branch area. The Branch makes a modest charge for attendance at some but not all events which partially offsets costs, and also receives limited additional income from time to time through sales of publications, advertising and sponsorship. Members of the Branch Committee are unpaid volunteers.

How can I help the Committee?
Members of the Branch Committee work to achieve the aims of the branch and generally serve for two years. Appointments are normally made at the AGM but offers of help (large or small) are welcome at any time!

Any of the current Committee members will be happy to explain what is involved and how you could assist the Branch – for more information please contact