LISW November Newsletter

November 2018

Plant Health, Biosecurity and the Importance of Diverse Planting from a Plant Nursery Perspective

Image Credit: Van den Berk Nurseries

Dear Members


The LISW Cornwall Hub are hosting a lunchtime seminar on Thursday 29th November about biosecurity and plant health and what nurseries are doing to help, as well as how increasing diversity can help in building resilience to disease.  Lunch will be provided and the opportunity to network with fellow professionals from within the Cornwall area.  Please click below for tickets.

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LISW Cornwall’s previous event was a visit to Lantoom Quarry, followed by talks on landscape restoration, sustainability and the use of natural stone in the 21st century. This was attended by a good cross-section of professionals, including architects and geotechnical experts.

The landscape restoration works inspected included large scale planting, creation of wetlands and new Cornish hedges.

A big thank you to the enthusiastic staff at Lantoom Quarry.

The visit demonstrated how the use of natural stone can contribute to thermal massing, ensure durability and resistance, add to a sense of place and provide the opportunity for creativity and craftsmanship. It was interesting to note just how much manual labour is still involved in the processing of natural slate walling stone to sort and cut stones to size.

Other Events & Publications

The LI’s upcoming CPD Day is in Cardiff on 29th November. ‘Health, Wellbeing and Place – how landscape practitioners can deliver positive change’ is a full-day, multi-session event including workshops and site visits (and some of the LISW committee!) which builds on last year’s Built-In Health CPD Day in Bristol .  Reduced earlybird rate Tickets are available until 28th November.  Click here for info.

(Image Credit: GreenBlue Urban)

Organisers of ‘Evolving the Forest’, a three-day international symposium in Devon, June 2019, are calling for participants to join keynote speakers to explore the heritage of woodland and forestry. The deadline for submission of proposals is 19th November.

‘Creative Bath Inspires: Andrew Grant’, 22nd November.  Award-winning landscape architect Andrew Grant will discuss turning ideas into living, breathing, urban skylines.  For more details click here.

Recent tree-related publications include ‘The Right Tree in the Right Place for a Resilient Future‘, also known as ‘The Urban Tree Manual’, published for Defra with a foreward by the Government’s new Tree Champion Sir William Worsley.  In addition, the Arboricultural Association’s ‘Application of Biosecurity in Arboriculture’ (Guidance Note 2) is aimed at managing biosecurity and building resilience into tree populations.

Call for P2C Mentors!

LISW are looking for Mentors to assist candidates on the P2C in the south west, particularly in the Bristol area.  If you are able to offer assistance to support a candidate please get in touch on our email address below.


As ever, if you have an idea for an LISW event near you, have any contributions for future newsletters, or would like to join/assist the committee, do let us know or via the social media links below.


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